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It is comprehensive financial company dedicated to providing one stop financial consulting services to clients.

我们是一家致力于为客户提供一站式投资理财咨询服务的综合性金融公司,提供房屋贷款,人寿保险,基金理财,税务规划等全方位理财服务。公司拥有独立的贷款经纪牌照,代理67家银行的产品,可以满足不同客户的需要。同时公司拥有保险AGA (Associate General Agency)的牌照,获得加拿大9家金融保险机构理财产品的直接代理权,以完善的文件处理系统,经验丰富的资深团队以及众多理财产品的全权代理优势,为客户量身定制最佳保值投资方案。

We are a com prehensive financial company dedicated to providing one stop investment and financial advisory services to clients, providing comprehensive financia l services such as mortgage, life insurance, asset management and tax pl anning. Our company has mortgage broker license and represents 67 banks' products to meet the needs of different c ustomers. At the same time, our company has the insurance AGA (Associate General Agency) license, we are direct agency of nine fi nancial i nsurance institutions in Canada. W ith a complete document processing system, experienced s enior team and the direct agency advantages, we will tailor make the best value investment plan for customers.



Low income / Insufficient downpayment / Refinance / Loan restructuring /Mortgage declined…… Call us now please, MRD Financial will find a solution for you.



Insurance plays an important role in the protection of your family and the accumulation of wealth. The financial advisor will develop a plan for you and your family based on your needs.



Smart asset management can establish solid foundation not only for your and your family's wealth, but also for your early retirement and enjoy life.



The Canadian tax system is complex as accounting, cost control, analysis, and taxation. Our accountants have a CPA license and are experienced in the industry