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收入偏低,首付不足,贷款重组,房屋转贷,贷款遭拒 …… 遇到上述情况,无论您是什么身份
(新移民 留学生 工签 非居民 自雇人士 企业主),决胜金融可以为您提供解决方案。

Low income/ Insufficient downpayment / Refinance / Loan restructuring / Mortgage declined …… Call us now please whatever you are New immigrants / International
students / Working permit / Non residents / Self employed / Business owner , MRDFinancial will have a solution for you.



Insurance plays an important role in the protection of your family and the accumulation of wealth.



Life insurance should be called quality of life insurance because its primary function is to provide tax free cash benefits to yourbeneficiaries when you die. In this way, your loved ones can maintain their current standard of living.At the same time, lifeinsurance now has a tax free investment function, whic h can save a sum of money for sel f, and benefit from tax free growth everyyear to improve your retirement life in the future.


当客户被诊断患有危疾,例如癌症、心脏疾 病或中风,并非世界末日。客户可以负担得 起最新的医学技术以可以大大提升客户的的 生存和康复机率 ,同时客户也可以运用这笔 赔偿去寻求最佳的医疗保健 ,这就是危疾保 险的作用。

When you are diagnosed with a critical illness, such as cancer, heart disease or stroke, it is not the end of the world. Youcan afford the latest medical technology to greatly improve your chances of survival and recovery, and you can also use this compensationto seek the best health care, which is the role of critical illness insurance.


据加拿大人寿及健康保险协会的资料显示, 三分之一的人会在65岁前成为残障人士,并 持续超过90天。国家的医疗保健可以覆盖大 量的医疗账单,但不会承担个人收入的损失, 这正好是残障保险发挥作用的时候。

According to the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association, one in three people will become disabled before the age of 65and last for more than 90 days. National health care can cover a la rge number of medical bills, not bear the loss of p ersonalincome , but disa bility insurance can fill this gap


无论您是一个公干、悠闲外出、回乡探亲、 与家人度假,离开安大略省或者举家旅游, 都应该考虑购买旅遊保险,安大略省的医疗 保健计划OHIP在保健和住院项目设有每日 上限,在外国接受治疗非常昂贵,空运伤病 者返回加拿大的开支,OHIP 将不被覆盖。

Whether you travel forbusiness, leisurely, retur ning home, visi ting a family or traveling with a family, you should consider buyingtravel insurance. The Ontar io Health Care Plan (OHIP) has daily limit for health and hospitality progr am, also it is very expensive toreceive treatment in a foreign countr y, and the cost of returning the injured person to Canada by air will not be covered by OHIP


您需要一份值得信赖的汽车保险,也需要一 个有竞争力的价格?我们就是循此出发,为 您争取汽车保险,相信我们可以做到:协助 您为府上每位驾驶者及每架车辆选择最合适 的保险方案,确保您有合适的附加保单和享 受到应有的折扣, 同时让您清楚了解从申请 、使用以至索偿的每个步骤

Do you need a car insurance that you can trust and a competitive price? We are here to help you choose the most suitablei nsurance plan for every driver and every vehicle in your ho me , to ensure that you have the right additional policies and get thed iscounts, while giving you a clear understanding of each step from application, use, and even claims


我们向您承诺:协助您评估您和您物品所需 的覆盖范围并向您推荐合适的覆盖范围、附 加保单和折扣优惠,评估您的任何物品,如 收藏品、运动装备和珠宝等财物,是否需要 额外的覆盖,让您清楚了解从申请,使用以 至索偿的每个步骤。

We promise to help you estimate the coverage for your and your items andrecommend suitable coverage, additional policies and discounts, and to evaluate any of your items, such as collectibles, sports equipment and jewelry, whether Need additional coverage to give you a clear understanding of each step from application, use, and even claims



Smart asset management can establish solid foundation not only for you and your family's wealth, but also for your early retirement and enjoy life.


免税储蓄账户(TFSA )是一种能够让加拿 大公民免税储蓄的注册账户。通过 TFSA , 您可以将自己的储蓄变为合格投资,且不必 为赚取的投资收益纳税。我们为您开设 TFSA 账户并制定投资计划,合理利用 TFS A 账户 , 增加 您的收益。

Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) is a registered account that allows Canadian citizens to invest with tax free. With TFSA, you can turn your savings into qualifyin g investments without pay ing taxes for investment income. We open a TFSA account a nd make an investment plan for you


注册退休储蓄计划(RRSP )是加拿大的激励 措施,允许您从所得税扣中扣除退休期间您在 RRSP 中的所有支出。您可以贡献当年收入 的 18%,最高可达 26500 加元,购买 RRSP 并从税项中扣除。 尽管您的收入会降低,但 税率也同样会更低。

Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) is a Canadian incentive that allows you to deduc t from your income tax deduction all your expenses in the RRSP during your retirement. You can contribute 18% of your current year's income up to $26,500 to purchase RRSP, and deduct it from taxes. Although your income will decrease, the tax rate will be l ower.


加拿大注册教育储蓄计划( RESP),您可以尽快 为未满 21 岁的孩子采取行动。虽然不能从所得 税中扣除投资费用,但账户中的资金会随时间 增长,这是规划孩子未来的好办法。 我们的持 牌经纪将为您提供专业意见并制定你需要的储 蓄计划。

With the Canadian Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP), you can take action for children under the age of 21. Although it cannot to deduct investment costs from income tax, the funds in the account will increase over time, which is a good way to plan your child's future. Our licensed brokers will provide you with professional advice and develop the savings plan you need.



The Canadian tax system is complex as accounting, cost control, analysis, and taxation. Our accountants have a CPA license and are experienced in the industry




加拿大是万税之国,税务的申报与您的生活是息息相关的,会对您将来的税务规划有着不容忽视的影响。 我们的顾问,将 用其专业的知识、丰富的经验,高水准的业务能力为您提供个人税务咨询、申报及税务规划服务。